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Object Filler Again - Intro

intro for this season

Object Filler Again (also known as OFA) is the second season of Object Filler which was released on April 2nd, 2018.

Object Filler Again was discontinued on May 26, 2021.


1a. But I'm Not Done Yet!
1b. Babies Running Even Faster
2. 🆒
3. Can You Draw Me
4. OFA 4
5. It's a Pebble!


  • Every character in this season has a new design (except the logo/profile pictures, 8-Ball, and Ethan from O.I.)
  • Unlike the previous season, this season seems to be more serious.
Characters Team Icon Place Voice Actor
Ethan From O.I N.I.C.E. Ethan Icon.png 49th None
Puhpucks Boost Label Diet Doomers Puhpucks Boost Label Icon.png 48th Ping Pong Cup Shots
8-Ball Totally Rad 8Ball Icon.png 47th Diamondcup67
Kidz Bop 7.420 Fresh Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 11 (9).png 46th Diamondcup67
Me Everything Is Just Me Fresh Screenshot 2019-02-27 at 11 (6).png 45th Tantusar
Blue iPhone Plug Watch and Learn Blue iPhone Plug Icon.png 44th LorenTzel